This is how we like to approach our projects. Depending on your budget we can simplify and skip stages – but in our ideal world, we use this method to deliver the best websites possible for you.

Planning It Out

A good plan can be the difference between success and failure. We’ll make sure we understand what you need, and agree an approach with you before we start.

Wireframes and Design

If we’re doing the design for you, we like to take in 2 steps – wireframes so that you can see what the pages are going to do, and designs so that you can sign off the exact look and feel.

Agile Development

Agile is a method of approaching development that puts the emphasis on continual iteration, delivering functionality in chunks or “sprints” and working your feedback into the next iteration. Not every project needs it, but when it’s applied properly, it’s the best way of making sure everyone is happy with the end result.

Collaboration not Competition

We like to stay small and nimble; we like to co-operate with other agencies, rather than compete with them. We work with some fantastically talented designers and developers who also work for other companies, or for themselves.

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