BIG Potential

The Challenge

Big Potential is a new programme that will offer VCSE organisations the chance to consider the usefulness of social investment as part of its broader financing or fundraising strategy. Funded by Big Lottery, the Social Investment Business needed a website providing the tools for VCSEs to involve themselves in the program and assess their readiness for investment; and finally to apply to the BIG Lottery fund.

The development spec included the following elements:

  • Eligibility Check Form
  • Diagnostic Tool (adapted from Excel prototype)
  • Directory of Providers and Advisors
  • Funding Application Form
  • Faceted Site Search

This was a project run by the Creative Coop with AMP Digital as the development partner.

The Solution

We built the site in Drupal 7 – this was the preference of the client and ourselves, based on the requirements. Only Drupal had the power and flexibility to allow tight integration of all the large content types that were required.

  • Eligibility Check, Diagnostic and Application all built as custom content types
  • Advanced input widgets enhanced with custom CSS and javascript
  • Faceted search using hosted Apache Solr
  • Provider and Advisor directories using Views
  • Connections between VCSEs and consultants/advisors using Flag module
  • Zurb Foundation 5 used as base theme
  • Code version controlled on GitHub
  • Agile development with functionality pushed to staging site in planned sprints

The result was a complex website delivered on time to a short deadline.

Responsive mobile-friendly design

Custom Reports and Charts

More Charts with Google Charts API

Quick Eligibility Check

Diagnostic Tool with advanced form elements

Directory of Providers

Apache Solr Search

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